Manuscript preparation

The manuscript preparation stage is a kind of agreement between the author (and/or image producer) and the layout person.

Enterin and editing text

Discuss what kind of information is going to be in the script. For this tutorial we are going to layout a book containing posts from a music blog. The author is going to use LibreOffice for text entry and use the paragraph and character styles (Format > Styles and Formatting) for formatting.

We end up with the following paragraph styles:

  • Heading 2: Blog entry title (a predefined LibreOffice style).
  • date: date line, (“Thursday, August 16, 2007”).
  • Text body: body text (a predefined LibreOffice style).
  • quote: for quoted paragraphs. (italics)
  • listing: for lists of items.

Character styles:

  • title: For record titles. (italics)
  • title in quote: For titles mentioned in quoted text. (regular type in italic paragraphs)

We also agreed on the following rules:

  • Just hit the Enter key once for a new paragraph (ie, no blank lines). The "Text body" style was configured for displaying a blank line between paragraphs for easy reading.
  • Use -- (two dashes) for long dash.

Text mark up

Enter the styles into the LibreOffice template document (Format > Styles and Formatting). Let the author test the template and make adjustments if necessary.

LibreOffice template with styles.

How the template looks in LibreOffice.

The author now use the template to enter the complete manuscript. The text manuscript is delivered to the layout person as an ODF Text Document (.odt).

Image production

Two images are included in the delivery to the layout person:

1. A scanned logo (as a TIFF)

Scanned logo with the words "ELVIS" and "today".

2. An author photograph (as a JPEG of 4768 x 3596 pixels)

A photograph of a person.